What ingredients are in your bath bombs?
All bath bombs are made from two basic ingredients - an acid and a base. When you drop them in your bath, they release carbon dioxide gas, which creates the fun fizzing action!
We use citric acid, found naturally in citrus fruits, and baking soda.
You can keep it simple, but adding other ingredients can enhance your bathing experience even more.
Moisture: Since you're already soaking in a warm bath, your skin is ready to soak up some hydration. We add it in the form of sunflower or coconut oil. These are both plant based oils that are rich in nutrients and antioxidants.
Scent: The scent of our bath bombs comes from fragrance oils and essential oils. We use fragrance oils to add a greater range of scent and stability, so you get a scent experience that lasts.
Coloring: This adds to the theme of the bath bomb experience and tints the water slightly. We'll also add all natural dried botanical elements, such as flowers or leaves. These will float in your bath and add to a spa like experience.
Clay: Natural clay absorbs excess water and oil, helping to cleanse debris and exfoliate skin cells.
How long will it take to receive my order?
Orders ship the same day or the next day, unless otherwise noted (for example, pre orders or special offers). Orders typically arrive within 4-5 days of purchase.
All other questions: Reach out to us at hello@soakandbauble.com or click here.